Bioware aims to change MMO crafting as Star Wars: The Old Republic is to feature crew skills. While players in SWTOR are still very much involved in crafting, the SWTOR crew skills system is designed to keep you focused on your adventures. Rather than by endless grinding and power-leveling, crafting and professions in Star wars: The Old Republic are defined by research and design. The tedious task of gathering resources and schematics and crafting armor and gear is left to your Crew.

Crafting, while an integral part of any MMO, is designed in a different way in SWTOR. It is intended to capture crafting in a manufacturing type of environment with the player as designer/researcher. The system is designed to emphasize your role as researcher but also calculate the skill of your crew when manufacturing it.

Crafting starts around level 10 when you reach your capital city and acquire your first companion. While SWTOR crafting does not exhibit quite the same depth as fellow Star Wars MMO Star Wars Galaxies crafting, it does display far more diversity than World of Warcraft crafting.

Items crafted with a Critical Success can have additional slots for modification.
Items can be reverse-engineered and yield a schematic of green, blue or purple quality.
The quality of an item can be improved by adding a modification of a superior quality to it. Green item + blue modification = blue item.

SWTOR Crew skills are divided into three primary branches
Gathering Crew Skills
Crafting Crew Skills
Mission Crew Skills

Within each of these skills you have professions or fields of expertise:
Gathering Crew Skills
Bioanalysis – collecting genetic material from plants and creatures
Scavenging – recovering useful materials from abandoned technology
Slicing – acquiring data and schematics by accessing secure computer systems
Unamed – an unnamed crew skills branch yet to be disclosed by Bioware

Crafting Crew Skills
Armortech – construction of electronic shielding and personal armor
Artifice – constructing Jedi and Sith artifatcs
Biochem – engineering of chemical serums and biological implants to boost performance
Unamed – three unnamed crafting crew skills yet to be disclosed by Bioware.

Mission Crew Skills
Diplomacy – conducting and managing negotiations
Treasure Hunting- tracking down and recovering valuable items
Unamed – two unnamed mission crew skills yet to be disclosed by Bioware.