SWTOR Crew Skills Guide for Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitors. Guide to help you chose the Star Wars: The Old Republic Crew Skills most valuable to your Sith class while leveling or for SWTOR credits.

Always Be Crafting

In SWTOR Bioware has taken a different approach to crafting than most other MMO’s. While players are still involved in the planning of crafting, the crafting itself is performed by your crew, more precisely your companions. Depending on your level, you can dispatch two or more companions on crafting, gathering or mission crew skills tasks. As crafting now takes up very little of your time, the ABC of SWTOR crafting is: Always Be Crafting.

You will get access to crafting at level 10 when you leave your starter planet and arrive at the Empire Fleet/Republic Fleet. You can chose from several different professions, but you are limited to one manufacturing, one gathering and one mission crew skill. See SWTOR Crew Skills Guide for details. Your companions have different bonuses allocated to some crew skills that improve the success rate of the crafting or gathering mission. Check the SWTOR Sith Companion Guide for details on Crew Skills bonuses.

Slicing – Crew Skill for Credits

Currently the gathering skill most profitable from a pure Credit point of view is Slicing. You send your companions off on gathering missions to collect lockboxes. Once they return and if the mission was a success, accept the mission and then right click on the lockbox in your inventory to collect the credits in the lockbox.

It should be noted that this Crew Skill might be nerfed in the near future. Nevertheless, in a few weeks other professions should surpass Slicing as demands for craft-able items increases.

SWTOR Crew Skills for Sith Warriors & Sith Inquisitors

From a pure Sith point of view, the most valuable Crew Skills for you as a force wielder are Synthweaving and Artifice.

Synthweaving – Armor for Force Wielders

Synthweaving allows you craft your own Light, Medium and Heavy Armor. Synthweaving can fill up to six equipment slots on your character; Head, Chest, Waist, Wrist, Legs, Hands and Feet.
The Gathering Crew Skill recommended with Synthweaving is Archeology which allows you collect Power Crystals and Artifact Fragments required for Synthweaving crafting. The Mission Crew Skill recommended to go along with Synthweaving is Underworld Trading which allows you to send your companions on missions to obtain Luxury fabrics (for Light Armor) and Underworld Metals (for Medium and Heavy Armor).

Artifice – Artifacts and Relics

Artifice allows you to craft Enhancements and Relics you can equip or place in items. With artifice you can craft Mods and Enhancements that can be placed in Weapons and Armor, you can craft Lightsaber Hilts and Power Crystals to improve your Lightsaber. You can also craft Shield Generators and Lightsabers (only at higher levels) as well as Relics you can equip on your character.
The Gathering Crew Skill recommended with Artifice is Archeology which allows you to collect Power Crystals and Artifacts required for Artifice crafting. The Mission Crew Skill recommended to go along with Artifice is Treasure Hunting which allows you to send your companions on missions to obtain crystals and gemstones.

Biochem – Adrenalin, Stimulants and Implants

And finally, if you want to speed up your leveling process, rip through bosses and elites like they were critters, Biochem might be just right for you. Biochem allows you to craft Adrenalin Injections to boost your stats and armor for short periods (15 seconds) as well as Stimulants that boost your stats for up to an hour. Biochem also allows you to craft equip-able implants and Medical Heal Packs, including an AoE Heal Pack.

Please note that these Crew Skills are chosen purely from a LEVELING point of view. Once you reach max level loot-able items will most likely be superior to any craft-able item.