SWTOR Flashpoints are repeatable instanced dungeons for 4-man group gameplay. With the same story-driven gameplay that characterizes Star Wars: The Old Republic, Flashpoints are action-packed adventures of suspense and intrigue with engaging gameplay for any Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor tank, dps or healer. SWTOR Flashpoint Guide coming soon.

In any MMO, group-play is a large part of the gameplay. Star wars The Old Republic is no exception.
Besides large scale Raids and medium sized PVP Warzones, SWTOR offers Flashpoints. Flashpoints are repeatable instanced dungeons for groups up to 4 players and rewards experience points for group quests and improved loot.
What sets Star Wars The Old Republic Flashpoints apart from the genre standard dungeon template, is once again the integration of Story. The engine of any good story is dialog. In SWTOR Flashpoints conversations with NPC are conducted by all members of the group. Choices made during conversation alter the story and thus the Flashpoint and coherently the outcome of the Flashpoint. Besides altering the story, conversation choice also affect your Light Side and Dark Side standing and level. Flashpoints can be experienced several times over with different story development.

Known/Confirmed SWTOR Flashpoints:

The Esseles

Low Level Flashpoint – available to Republic only
Imperials attack a Republic transport a high-profile passenger. You and your group are charged with fending off the attack and deciding the fate of the passanger.

The Black Talon

Low Level Flashpoint – available to Empire only
You seize control of an Imperial transport and execute the orders refused by the captain to intercept and board a Republic transport.

Taral V

Medium Level Flashpoint – available to Republic only
Your team is deployed deep in enemy territory with the orders to liberate a Jedi being held prisoner by Imperials.

Boarding Party

Medium Level Flashpoint – available to Empire only
Your team must track down an escaped high-level prisoner to prevent an audacious attack threatening to destroy the Sith Empire.

Directive 7

End game Flashpoint – available to Republic and Empire
You are ordered to strike down a rebellion by mutinous droids on a remote moon that could spell massive destruction to the Republic and the Empire.