BioWare today unveiled the trailer for the upcoming HK-51 Assassination Droid companion, first showcased at the recent San Diego Comic-Con. EA gave a brief preview of HK-51 at E3 but have yet to state when the companion will be available in-game.

The HK-51 Assassination Droid companion was initially “re-unveiled” at E3. The droid was part of a quest-line in the SWTOR beta that remained largely unfinished and riddled with bugs. The second coming of HK-51 at E3 led many to assume the droid companion would be part of Game Update 1.3: Allies. However, HK-51 never made it into the SWTOR beta and eventually not into the Game Update 1.3 either.

Currently the release plan for the HK-51 companion remains undisclosed.