Bioware today published the new SWTOR game update 1.3: Allies, including massive game system fixes and expanding the SWTOR Universe with Legacy perks, augment unlocks and the highly anticipated Group Finder tool for Flashpoints and Operations.

Released just 2 months after the last SWTOR patch, game update 1.3: Allies lacks the in-game events and game content of the previous updates. While game update 1.1 extended the Rakghoul storyline and game update 1.2 introduced the Lost Island Flashpoint, the Explosive Conflict Operation and the Novare Coast Warzone, SWTOR game update 1.3 emphasizes game system updates, expanding the Legacy features and implementing the highly anticipated/dreaded Group Finder tool. If you were expecting a new Flashpoint or Warzone, SWTOR game update 1.3: Allies might disappoint you at first.

SWTOR Game Update 1.3: Allies Features

SWTOR game update 1.3: Allies introduces some quite useful game system updates. Besides the many quality of life improvements featured in this update, like augment unlocks to improve gear optimization and Legacy perks to facilitate customization and leveling, the new Group Finder tool may give many players a chance to experience content they otherwise would have been excluded from.

SWTOR Group Finder Tool

Few SWTOR features have been as highly anticipated and dreaded alike as the SWTOR Group Finder tool. Contrary to popular opinion, I do not believe it is quite the obituary to the death of the SWTOR community it’s proclaimed to be. However I do agree with Johle when he said that “a dungeon grouping tool such as the SWTOR Group Finder is not the cause for the demise of a gaming community but a consequence thereof.”

Game Update 1.3: Allies may lack fresh new content, but the Group Finder will “unlock” a significant part of SWTOR and give more players a chance to experience Flashpoints and Operations. The Group Finder tool allows players to search for groups based on type of content, as well as a groups needs in combat. No matter if you are pro or con, the SWTOR Group Finder tool will have a profound impact on SWTOR game play and the SWTOR community.

SWTOR Class Balance Changes

The changes to Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitors are not as extensive as the class balance changes introduced in the previous game update. Sith Juggernauts have had their talents reset due to changes in the Juggernaut talent trees. Builds and specs should change little in this patch but will be updated as class balance changes have been thoroughly evaluated.

UPDATE: Sith Assassin Builds and Guides, Sith Sorcerer Builds and Guides, Sith Marauder Builds and Guides, and Sith Juggernaut Builds and Guides have been updated for Game Update 1.3.

SWTOR Ranked Warzones

Team Ranked Warzones are now available. Teams of 8 level 50 players can now compete with other Warzone teams to for Ranked Warzone Commendations and Team Rating.

SWTOR Legacy Game System

A number of new Legacy perks are featured in SWTOR game update 1.3: Allies, including experience bonuses, the ability to pilot speeders at level 10 and several new Companion features and perks.

SWTOR Augment Unlocks

The augment unlock offers the ability to unlock an augmentation modification slot. Previously the augmentation modification slot was only obtainable when achieving a critical success during crafting. The augment unlock kit is craftable and can be applied to any equippable piece of gear.

SWTOR Game Update 1.3: Allies – Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch notes are as always available from

With SWTOR game update 1.3: Allies focusing less on new content and more on making established content available and enjoyable to everyone, Bioware appear to aim at making SWTOR more accessible to a broader spectrum of players. While some loathe the idea of more casuals in-game, casual gamers are the basis of any healthy MMO.