Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 1.5 hit the PTS with a host of updates and new features this week – a new series of daily quests in Section X on Belsavis, the new FTP Cartel Market and various changes to Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior abilities and talents.

SWTOR Free-to-Play and Cartel Market

Cartel Market – the Cartel Coin shop is now live on the PTS. The Cartel Shop to be added with the Free-to-Play conversion coming later in the fall has been added to the PTS GU 1.5.


SWTOR Game Update 1.5 Features

Section X – Belsavis daily quest hub. Section X is the new high level daily quest hub added to the prison world of Belsavis in Game Update 1.5. This ravaged sector of Belsavis has recently been captured by the Dread Guard.

HK-51 – Assassin Droid companion. Besides the new quest hub, Section X is the site of the wreck of the Imperial transport The Fatality containing a shipment of the infamous assassin droids HK-51. The quest chain to reactivate your very own HK-51 companion starts at Section X.

Explosive Conflict – now in Nightmare mode. The operation Explosive Conflict is now available in Nightmare mode, featuring new boss mechanics and new high-quality loot and rewards.

Dreadtooth – a new world boss. Dreadtooth roams in the vicinity of Section X. Each time Dreadtooth is defeated he respawns with a stacking buff increasing the difficulty to defeat him as well as the quality of the loot and rewards he drops.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 1.5 is expected to go live in November.