A quick look at the SWTOR Group Finder Tool introduced in Game Update 1.3 Allies.

While the SWTOR Group Finder Tool is not cross-server, it is designed to be versatile and get you in a group as quickly as possible. Back in June SWTOR Lead Designer Damion Schubert mentioned the intention of BioWare to design a Group Finder Tool for SWTOR capable of accommodating a variety of player needs and requirements. Whether you are looking of a specific role in a specific instance or just looking for a random group to join, the Group Finder Tool should easily adept to your own individual needs.

Group Finder Tool and Operations

The Flashpoints you can queue for are unlocked as you level up. However, the SWTOR Group finder is not limited to Flashpoints, but does also accommodate Operations. Currently there are three Operations in SWTOR: Explosive Conflict, Karraga’s Palace and The Eternity Vault. You can queue for each of these Operations depending on your gear.

Group Finder Tool and Class roles

Depending on the class of your character, you are able to queue as Damage, Heal and/or tank. The Sith Assassin and Sith Juggernaut can queue as Damage and Tank. The Sith Sorcerer can queue as Damage and Heal while the Sith Marauder can queue solely as Damage.

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