BioWare are winding up for Gamescom. Earlier today we got a sneak peek at an upcoming preview of the new Terror from Beyond Operation, the new Ancient Hypergates Warzone, the new Makeb planet and the new playable race the Cathar.

Earlier in the summer BioWare’s Dr. Ray Muzyka took to the stage at Electronic Arts’ E3 press conference to outline some of the future content to be added in the coming Game Updates. Among other things he revealed the upcoming new HK 51 assassin droid companion, the new planet Makeb, the new Ancient Hypergates warzone, the Terror from Beyond Operation, the new playable species Cathar and a level cap increase. However, he did not outline a release plan for when these features will be added to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Game Update 1.4 Preview coming soon

At Gamescom this week, SWTOR players will finally get to experience some of the content Dr. Muzyka mentioned way back in June. BioWare has confirmed that the Ancients Hypergates warzone will be playable at the convention. According to a press release by Bioware, players are given the choice to experience the warzone with their actual in-game characters or roll a new character for the trial.

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The Operation Terror from Beyond, the planet Makeb and the new playable species the Cathar will not be available during Gamescom. However, these and other upcoming additions to SWTOR will feature in a trailer to be showcased by Bioware at Gamescom.