SWTOR Game Update 2.6 Galactic Starfighter is now live including the new Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint, the Bomber support role and Galactic Starfighter Team Deathmatch game mode.

Kuat Drive Yards is a new 4-man flashpoint introduced in game update 2.6 and the first “Tactical Flashpoint” in Star Wars: The Old Republic. According to the latest patch notes, Kuat Drive Yards is role-neutral:

“Tactical Flashpoints are role-neutral, meaning group finder will match the first four players it finds. The new Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint is available in this category in two level brackets: 15-54 and 55.”

Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown are now also available as Tactical Flashpoints at level 55.

Game Update 2.6 continues to add on to the new Galactic Starfighter mode with the release of the Bomber ship role; a tough support ship that drops mines and repair drones across the battlefield. Additionally, with the release of SWTOR GU 2.6 Galactic Starfighter is now also available to F2P players.