SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Assassin Build: Darkness Tanking Spec

Talent Build

Sith Inquisitor Assassin Build: Darkness Tanking Spec
SWTOR Application: Operations and Flashpoints
Play Style and Role: Pure Tanking Spec for Main Tank in Operations and Flashpoints


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Rotation Priority – Work in progress!

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Sith Assassin Darkness Tanking Cooldowns

Recklessness – grants 2 charges of Recklessness, which increases the Force critical chance of your next 2 direct attacks or heals by 60%. Each critical hit consumes one charge. Lasts 20 seconds. Use with Energize and 3 stacks of Harnessed Darkness.
Overcharge Saber – increases damage and healing dealt by all Charges by 100% for 15 seconds.

Sith Assassin Darkness Utility and Survivibility Cooldowns

Force Cloak – enter stealth and exit combat. Combine with Force Shroud.
Force Shroud – removes all hostile removable effects and increases chance to resist Force and Tech attacks by 100% for 3 seconds. Combine with Force Cloak.
Deflection – increases ranged and melee defense by 50% for 12 seconds.
Unbreakable Will – removes all incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.

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Stat Weight & Stat Priority – Work in progress!

Sith Assassin Darkness Tanking Stat Priority

Work in prgress

Sith Assassin Darkness Tanking Stats

Accuracy – reduces the chance that Force and melee attacks will miss the target. Accuracy above 100% will reduce the defense and resistance of the target’s.
Shield Rating – increases the chance an incoming melee or ranged attack will activate your shield. Requires shield generator.
Absorption Rating – increases the amount of damage mitigated by a successful shield block. Requires shield generator.
Defense Rating – increases the chance to avoid a melee or ranged attack. Force and Tech attacks are not affected by Defense Chance.
Endurance – increases health and health regeneration.
Willpower – increases the damage and healing by Force abilities and also marginally improves the Critical Chance of Force abilities.

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Buffs & Consumables


Mark of Power – increases the target’s Strength, Aim, Willpower and Cunning by 5% and increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 10%. Lasts 60 minutes.


Exotech Fortitude Stim – increases Endurance by 128 and Defense by 52 for 120 minutes. Effect persist through death.


Exotech Absorb Adrenal – increases Armor by 1675 for 15 seconds.


Exotech Med Unit – restores 3225 to 3950 health to you and your companion and increases maximum health by 15% for 15 seconds.
Prototype Ultimate Medpac – restores 3750 to 4575 health and an additional 1665 health over 15 seconds.