SWTOR Game Update 1.5 on the PTS

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 1.5 hit the PTS with a host of updates and new features this week - a new series of daily quests in Section X on Belsavis and the new FTP Cartel Market.

Free or flee – SWTOR goes F2P

BioWare announce a hybrid subscription/F2P business model for Star Wars: The Old Republic as EA’s 2013 Q1 Earnings Conference Call confirms SWTOR subscriptions have dropped below the one million mark.

HK-51 Companion revealed

BioWare today unveiled the trailer for the upcoming HK-51 Assassination Droid companion, first showcased at the recent San Diego Comic-Con. EA gave a brief preview of HK-51 at E3 but have yet to state when the companion will be available in-game.

SWTOR Game Update 1.3: Allies

Bioware today published the new SWTOR game update 1.3: Allies, including massive game system fixes and expanding the SWTOR Universe with Legacy perks, augment unlocks and the highly anticipated Group Finder tool for Flashpoints and Operations.